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Questions to ask a Home Catering Service before hiring!

Each time you have an event at home, food should always be a part of it, whether it’s just cocktails or full meals. However, planning the event can be a lot of work, especially if you’re working on getting things together on your own. Many people feel that preparing food themselves can just be too time-consuming and hard; other people just don’t know how to cook. Fortunately, there are people who are trained and willing to take care of your food; the only thing you have to worry about is choosing the right home catering service.

The first thing you have to do is list down three catering service near your home. This way, you can visit them easily and vice versa, making communication trouble-free. You need to tell the house catering service about your needs, including the number of guests for your event, menu considerations (such as special dietary needs), theme of the event and many more. Here are the most important questions you should ask a caterer before hiring him or her.

What kind of menu is suitable for your budget? – Make sure you set a maximum budget, so you’ll never be surprised when the bill arrives. If you’re hosting a formal event, ask about gourmet catering service suitable for your guests. By asking about the available menu, you can have an idea of how flexible the cuisine catering service is. If the person assigned to talk to you can cater to your budget and give food ideas that you normally wouldn’t think about, the caterer may be a good choice. Be aware that catering prices often determine the type of food you want in the menu. Lastly, ask about the payment terms, contract and other finances before closing the deal.

What kind of decorations do they use? Determine if the caterer includes decorations, such as tables and chairs, linens, matching kitchen utensils and sound system, among others. Set a theme – if you’re having a birthday party for a 16-year-old and she likes a fairy-tale theme, ask the caterer if this is doable and what menu is appropriate for the theme.

What is their “famous” menu? If a gourmet catering service is known for Italian cooking, you may get value for money should you choose to hire them. If a caterer is known for their lunch catering service, they may serve a more informal menu. If you haven’t made up your mind about a theme, you can set the mood for your party by matching it with the caterer’s best menu.

What is the caterer’s background and staff? A daily catering service provider usually has many employees, which are divided into functions like servers, bartenders, kitchen staff and more. When looking at the number of people from a caterer, think about how many guests you will have. As a rule of thumb, each server should cater to 10 guests.

As long as you consider your needs while allowing the caterer to give suggestions, you can make sure the food on your event will a hit.

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